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Sep. 11th, 2009

Dash Gun

Festival Awards

Hey kids... vote For Fight School in this year's Festival Awards. Fight School has taken 2nd place over the last THREE years running, in the "Best Stage Combat Group" category... I KNOW we can take FIRST this year... so get over there ...and VOTE!!!


Dec. 4th, 2008

Freaks Banner


(From Myspace)

Rumors of our incineration have been greatly exaggerated! The Palace of Wonders is, indeed, open for business!

A multi-alarm rooftop and alley way fire, which started slightly before midnight on Tuesday, December 2, at the corner of 12th and H St, NE, rapidly spread to the roofs and through the alley of adjacent businesses. Fast-responding firefighters quickly contained and extinguished the blaze. Early reports indicate there is extensive water and smoke damage to the interiors of some neighboring businesses.

Since The Palace of Wonders was occupied at the time of the blaze, firefighters were able to gain access to the building and prevent any damage from occurring to the popular performance space/nightclub in the Atlas Entertainment District.

"The firemen ran hoses thru Palace," said Priscilla Jerez, owner. "I saw the back alley in flames. We were really lucky." The beloved museum attractions were completely unharmed. Palace Museum Director James Taylor noted, "This was an amazing Christmas present: Those attractions are irreplaceable."

While fire and sideshows are historic foes (the legendary P.T.Barnum had his American Museum destroyed by fire; twice) the Museum at The Palace of Wonders is unscathed, intact and OPEN!

The Palace of Wonder is grateful for the concerns expressed by our fans and patrons, but we have one more request to make. Please help spread the word: The Palace of Wonders is open for business tonight!


The Palace would especially like to extend its gratitude to the courageous people who serve in the District of Columbia Fire Department. Thanks to all of you, The Palace of Wonders continues to stand as the place to enjoy novelty and variety entertainment in the Nation's Capital.

Nov. 21st, 2008

Fight School logo

Hey Youse Guys......

Does anyone out there in LJ-land know of anyplace that I could go to make a bulk order for Adult Sized, "Fight School Underoos" with the padded footies?

(Yes, Hamish's would have a sash and hairy legs.)

Thank you in advance!


Nov. 6th, 2008


A question for the masses...

Last Night, I was interviewed for the 3rd time by the Univ of Maryland Journalism Undergrad. During the interview, he asked a question that I couldn't really answer other than by giving him 2 POSSIBLE reasons and one doesn't even come with/as an explanation.

The Question: What is it that makes people want to watch sideshow performances? Especially the overly gross/dangerous acts.

My 2 answers:
1: The same reason people can't look away from a train wreck... or say they go to the hockey games for the fights... or watch NASCAR for the wrecks.

2: To feel better about themselves. Afterall, if a 'normal' person is able to watch someone else in danger/pain... then it is a self affirmation that at least it's not them and that they are better off.

Any ideas? Further thoughts? If you're a fan of Sideshow.... why do YOU watch?

Oct. 21st, 2008

Fight School logo B-W

In other news...

Thank you to all who came out and supported our fun little show again this year. Fight School had an amazing season this year, but honestly, it would not be the show it is without all of you coming to see us and having fun with us.

The closing weekend is always bitter sweet for us, as we each seem to be struck with the "Where did the time go" and the "Thank the heavens it's over" vibes at the exact same moments.

We saw the return of the All Mullet Extravaganza with added Unicorn goodness on closing Sunday. Our show derailed often during the run with some various wild results. We even had Romero get "Served" by a real drummer. So many things happen in our shows throughout a single season, I would be hard pressed to mention them all here.

So in closing... Thank you all.

Sing it with us won't you?

"Now it's time to say goodbye... to Fight School for this year.
FIG - Gee, we're gonna miss ya!
HTS - See ya next year!

Oct. 7th, 2008

Freaks Banner

Allllllllllright! Who wants to see me do something incredibly STUPID???

Then gather round my friends. For the subject line of this post (one of the best show hawking lines EVAH!) refers to the Animal Trap routine I've been working on in the streets of Revel Grove.

This 10-15 minute street show has been so successful that I added 2 additional performances this past weekend.

If you haven't caught it yet... or didn't know about it till now... you can find me performing my trap routine 2x daily.

The first showing will be at 1:00 (I'm thinking of moving this performance to the maypole/front gate area.)

The second show will be at 4:00 over by the Thor's Hammer game. (In the big open area)

Come on by and watch me put MY HAND IN THE TRAP! (No Dash, Don't!) Scream with me as I endure the immense amounts of pain and subcutaneous bruising caused by your everyday, ordinary Wolf Trap! (Or just be able to say that you saw me doing stupid things for no real reason at all!)

Sep. 30th, 2008

Fight School logo B-W

Fight School: The Movie Contest!

Good Afternoon Happy Campers! Fight School is officially making this contest thingy (technical term: "Thingy") Official!!!

Here's the scoop, In between the dates of October 1st and October 31, 2008; you (in the collective sense of the word 'you'), will send an email to:
You have to makey with the clicky if you want to find out!Collapse )

Sep. 22nd, 2008

Crazed Laughter

HAD to share....

My wife asked if serenitysgaze would be able to do the light saber treatment to Hamish and my quarter staff fight from the first show. I asked her... and she complied in a BIG way!

I honestly have not had such a good laugh in a loooong time. She truly outdid herself with this one. Enjoy!

My Geektitude... Let me show you it!

oh, and if you want to watch the high res version... of course you can hop on the link train to here: http://serenitysgaze.com/qt/Render.mov

Sep. 15th, 2008



September 11, 2008

Judge Burnett has denied Damien's, Jessie's, and Jason's Motions for a New Trial. In Echols' Order, the Judge claimed "the Petitioner's DNA testing results are not compelling evidence that he would be acquitted." Judge Burnett also refused to consider the jury issues: "The Court agrees with the State that it cannot entertain the Petitioner's juror bias and misconduct claims under the DNA-testing statute and that the Court's consideration of them in any proceeding is foreclosed by law of the case." According to KATV, the defense team plans to appeal.

Judge: No New Trial for West Memphis ThreeCollapse )

Sep. 5th, 2008

white unicorn

serenitysgaze done, did it again!

http://serenitysgaze.com/qt/Trailer2.mov for the high res version
I am honored.

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